Only Hope Foundation's mission is to provide service, medical education and medical care to underserved populations both domestically and abroad.

Projects include women's health initiatives, immunizations, clinics for rural communities, healthcare education, and care for orphans. Our expeditions are designed to provide meaningful service to those in need while helping students gain hands-on patient care and physician shadowing experience.

Our Foundation was formed in 2012 and has organized various service missions to underserved populations in South America.  We are a non-profit organization officially organized in the United States (Miami) and in Bolivia (La Paz).

Our Team
  1. Dr. Alvaro Cabezas: President - Only Hope Foundation Bolivia
    Dr. Alvaro Cabezas: President - Only Hope Foundation Bolivia
    Dr. Cabezas is the native of Bolivia who lives and practices medicine in the capital city of La Paz. He created the foundation as a way to give back to underserved communities in Bolivia. Dr. Cabezas has held many leadership positions and is currently the Hospital Director at Hospital Municipal Los Pinos. As such, he is able to help volunteers gain exposure to any area of medicine in the hospital. He has been a part of many medical and dental related service expeditions involving undergraduate students throughout various countries in South America. Dr. Cabezas speaks English fluently and has visited the United States on various occasions. He lives in La Paz with his wife and two children.
  2. Michael Angerbauer - Vice President
    Michael Angerbauer - Vice President
    Michael is a bioengineering graduate and part of the University of Utah's School of Medicine Class of 2022. He served as the travel leader in the Foundation's flagship expedition in 2013 and has assumed the role of program coordinator and project leader since then. In total, he has been the tour guide for seven expeditions. Michael lived in Peru for two full years from 2010-2012 and has lived in South America intermittently since 2014. Because of this, he is a proficient Spanish speaker and provides unique insight into the culture and customs of Andean South America.
  3. Dr. Daniel Angerbauer - Medical Director VP
    Dr. Daniel Angerbauer - Medical Director VP
    Dr. Angerbauer graduated from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in May 2018. Dr. Angerbauer is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the nonprofit, including organizing medical missions, implementing public service projects, training volunteers, conducting research and partnering with local health care organizations abroad. Dr. Angerbauer is passionate about global health, the environment, and serving those in need.
  4. Tassia Weydt: President - Only Hope Foundation USA
    Tassia Weydt: President - Only Hope Foundation USA
    Tassia has years of experience in business and client relationship management. She is in charge of securing partnerships and maintaining those relationships. Through these partnerships, Only Hope is able to provide more resources to the communities in need and an array of experiences for our volunteers. She's also involved with logistical aspects of the expeditions. Tassia is interested in health promotion globally and locally. She is particularly interested in women's health and advocacy.