Student Volunteer Testimonials

  1. Aileen R. - University of Miami
    " I get to travel to a foreign country and help out in areas where health care is not as accessible and also had the opportunity to spend a whole week with some of the most genuine people."
  2. Michael P. - Utah Valley University
    "I was able to participate and shadow in medical settings that would be extremely difficult to enter in the US. The staff was kind and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend being a part of this service trip."
  3. Emilia A. - Florida International University
    " This was an amazing opportunity to work with the underserved. This was also an experience I got to expand upon in my medical school application. "
  4. Kira B. - University of Utah
    "Going to Bolivia with the Only Hope Foundation was one of the most memorable experiences I've had. I loved seeing a new part of the world while simultaneously working in the field that I want to go into. I learned so many new skills, ate great food, and met some awesome people."
  5. Scot C. - University of Miami
    "We shadowed multiple attending physicians in the ER, surgical, perinatal, and inpatient wards. We learned how to give basic physical exams, draw blood, give safe injections and suture. I was blown away by the Bolivian doctor’s resourcefulness, and their ability to do a lot with a little."
  6. Mindy K. - University of Utah
    "Watching surgery in Bolivia was something you could never imagine. They just don’t have the technology we have here and yet it was an amazingly successful surgery. All of our leaders made us all feel so included and even gave us lots of tips and tricks for applying to medical school and PA school."
  1. Jarod S. - University of South Florida
    "The trip was great, and it was honestly an amazing experience! I’m really grateful for the opportunity, what I learned on the trip, and the people I met. Honestly it exceeded my expectations. It was an all around great trip.”
  2. Bethany B. - University of South Florida
    “My trip experience was absolutely amazing!! From the food to the music and the people, it was amazing. Getting to watch surgeries and explore the hospital was really awesome!”