Upcoming Trips
  1. May 4th - 11th 2019
    8-Day Expedition in La Paz, Bolivia
    Capacity: 12 Volunteers
  2. May 11th - 18th 2019
    8-Day Expedition in La Paz, Bolivia
    Capacity: 12 Volunteers
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Why should I go on an expedition with the Only Hope Foundation?

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How much do flights cost?
From personal experience, we know how hard it is for pre-med, pre-dental, and pre-nursing students to get the extra-curricular activities needed for graduate school while doing school full-time and taking hard science classes.

Only Hope provides the opportunity to gain hands-on medical experience and patient care that is otherwise near impossible to receive here in the States. Additionally, it provides students with medically related volunteer and physician shadowing hours and opens the door to future leadership positions.
What is the food like?
Can I bring a friend?
Do I have to speak Spanish?
How do I apply?
Medical, dental, nursing and other health graduate schools want their applicants to be engaged in specific activities traveling.  Although the names may differ by school, most generally look for the following:

  1. Patient Care (hands-on care for real patients)
  2. Shadowing Hours
  3. Volunteer Work

We specifically design our trip around helping students gain 
experiences in these three categories.  

Going on a service mission doesn't guarantee you will get into graduate school - there are many factors.  However, the key is to do something that makes you stand out.  Something that interviewers and admission committees can remember you by.  With Only Hope, in addition to providing service and being part of a global health initiative, you'll be better prepared and more qualified to get into medical, dental, or nursing school.

2019 Summer Destination: La Paz/Coroico,  Bolivia​​

    8 Day Trips in May 2019

 Trip Summary:

  • Gain hands-on clinical patient care in rural and urban hospitals in Bolivia

  • Collaborate with surgeons, ER physicians, pediatricians, OBGYNs, dentists and RNs

  • Learn to give shots, draw blood, practice suturing, make casts, take vitals, and more

  • Participate in a service or public health project

  • Have fun touring various parts of beautiful Bolivia

    Minimum Donation: $999*

    *Your donation includes all g roup costs from the time you arrive at the designated team meeting location at the airport in La Paz, Bolivia until you separate from the team at the designated ending location of the trip. Your donation includes all group related expenses such as 
    transportation, lodging, costs associated with clinic, medical supplies construction materials and all logistics.

  • Your donation does NOT include airfare, visa, food and personal expenses

What will I do?

Dr. Alvaro will pick you up from the airport in La Paz on the Saturday that you arrive. You will then go directly to the rural jungle town of Coroico. There you will learn various medical skills, assist in treating patients and swim at the bottom of a beautiful rainforst waterfall. On Monday, you will returen to La Paz. There you will spend the mornings at a local hospital, assisting with surgeries, deliveries, vitals, and in various clinics. After lunch, you will be volunteering at a local orphanage. We usually finish by about 5pm and you have the rest of the evening for dinner and sightseeing. 

While here, students will learn how to draw blood, give shots, suture tissue, make casts, scrub in for major surgeries, assist with minor surgeries (depending on the procedure type), take vitals, learn about the local medical problems and traditional cures, and help out in a variety of other ways.  They will also spend a couple afternoons working at a local orphanage and will have a full day for tourism.

  1. Drawing blood
    Drawing blood
  2. Passing out toys to the orphans
    Passing out toys to the orphans
  3. Observing a cleft lip correction surgery
    Observing a cleft lip correction surgery
  4. Practicing sutures
    Practicing sutures
  5. Niños playing with their new toys
    Niños playing with their new toys
What will my living conditions be like?

Although parts of Bolivia are considered third-world, volunteers always stay in modern, comfortable hotels located in safe parts of town.  Each room includes a private bathroom, heated shower, in-room wifi access (La Paz only), and breakfast.

Bolivian food is delicious and safe to eat.  "Pique a lo macho" and "salteñas" are traditional Bolivian dishes and enjoyed by all.  American food, hamburgers, and pizza can be found nearly everywhere as well.  After six years of traveling to Bolivia, we know where the best restaurants are and promise you will be delighted by the food.

Tap water in Bolivia is not safe to drink.  Fortunately though, purified bottled water is cheap and can be purchased at nearly every store in La Paz and Reyes.  Other beverages, such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Powerade are also very common.
  1. Pique a lo macho
    Pique a lo macho
  2. Delicious salteña
    Delicious salteña
  3. Lunch!
  4. Hospital in Coroico
    Hospital in Coroico
  5. Road La Paz - Coroico
    Road La Paz - Coroico
  6. San Francisco church - tourist center near our hotel
    San Francisco church - tourist center near our hotel
What does the program fee cover?

The program fee for the 8-day expedition is $999.  This includes housing, travel within the country, medical supplies, administrative expenses, and project materials.  We do not cover meals, tourist & personal expenses, the 10-year travel visa ($160 for U.S. citizens), and flights.

Feel free to contact us for recommendations about finding cheap flights.  Volunteers will coordinate their flight schedules with the travel leader to ensure Dr. Cabezas or another foundation member will be waiting at the airport to pick them up when they arrive.

How do I sign up?

Sign up today by clicking "Apply Now" or visiting the "Apply" tab.  After submitting an application, the program administrator will contact you within 72 hours to provide additional details and discuss payment options for the $100 initial deposit.

Since we want to ensure you have the most amazing experience possible, we limit group sizes to only 12 people.  We fill spots on a first-come, first-serve basis, so be sure to apply early.

Finally, invite a friend!  Any trip is more fun (and memorable) with a friend.  However, even if you come alone (which most volunteers do) we guarantee you'll meet plenty of incredible new people and leave with new friends :)

Don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkdIn!

For questions or more info, visit the FAQ tab or send us an email: [email protected]
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General Service Trip: Alto Amazonas, Peru

Improve Health
Help us engage in projects to improve the health of the the local population in both the city of Yurimaguas and surrounding indigineous areas.
Care for Children
Teach English and serve in schools to help students prepare for success in the 21st century while also embracing their local customs and culture.
Save the Rainforest
Unlike other trips we offer, this trip is open to students of all majors and is intended to be a more comprehensive service trip and not as medically/health focused as previous trips.  So come join us for an unforgetable adventure to the Amazon jungle! 

Where: City of Yurimaguas and surrounding communities, state of Alto Amazonas, Peru.   The area is beautiful, very safe and tourist friendly.  We will stay in a reputable, safe, clean and comfortable hotel for the duration of the trip.  The food you eat will be safe to eat and very delicious, too!  Michael (your tour guide) lived in Yurimaguas for nearly 5 months and is very familiar with the city, so please let us know if you have questions and Michael will be happy to answer them for you!

Rainforests are being destroyed at alarming rates.  Help preserve these precious ecosystems by engaging with locals in sustainable conservation projects.
Have Fun
Few people are fortunate enough to visit the Amazon Rainforest - so enjoy your time, practice your Spanish, and have a great adventure!  We'll make sure you stay safe and have an incredible experience!
Ask Michael a Question
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